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Yearly Membership

$100 - Benefactor

$60 - Family

$35 - Single

$30 - SenioR

Lifetime Membership


Join an archery community that is passionate, determined, and supportive. Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we’ve got exactly what you need.

Membership is not required to use the range, and it gives you no special access to the range, or to our classes. It does give you a vote in our annual Board elections, the right to participate in member meetings and other member activities, and special member-only entry fees to tournaments. For members who don't own archery equipment, use of club equipment is free to members during Open Shooting hours on weekends. Finally, members have the satisfaction of supporting upkeep of the range and our public programs like Open Shooting and the Intro and Safety Class.

Click to register and pay online

OR, Membership Forms to pay via check or cash are available in-person at the range during Saturday Classes and Open Shooting.


Our instructors are all USA Archery Certified Coaches. What this guarantees is, along with having been trained in archery safety, shooting technique and skill development, they're insured through USA Archery, have passed a background check, and have completed SafeSport training.

All instructors teaching paid lessons at the Easton-Rancho Park Archery Range must be certified by USA Archery, and they are required to sign our Paid Instructors Agreement. Classes of three or more students should be scheduled in advance on the calendar. Instructors pay range fees based on the number of students taught and the amount of time they use the range. Most of the range fee goes to the City of LA, and a smaller portion is retained by Rancho Park Archers to provide funds for range maintenance. For questions or assistance with paying range fees or scheduling classes, see Gary Landers, or send an email to info@ranchoparkarchers.org.

Broadheads and Bodkins are Illegal

If you are seen, or caught, shooting Broadheads or Bodkin points at the Easton Rancho Park Archery Range,you can expect to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The Range has already suffered unnecessary damage from members of our community. Help us combat this irresponsible behavior, PLEASE.